A Love So Beautiful (2017)

The SHORT Pill:

Could the genuine love of a carefree young woman who doesn’t put much effort into her studies convey her love for her magnificent neighbor, the popular young man recognized for his good looks and stellar academic record? Will these teenagers’ interactions and passion be shaped by the complexities of life?

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Best Time To Watch:

This can be viewed at any time of day or night. It’s best to start viewing this early in the day because it is really addictive.

Prescribed For:

You should watch this if you are looking for a charming and heartwarming drama, mainly during high school life, which then evolves into more real difficulties later in the storyline. Because it’s pleasant, well-executed, and highly relaxing, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day at the office. For this reason, since the focus is on high school, it is better suited for younger viewers of around 13 years old.

Love And Romance:

Watching the blossoming romance between Chen XiaoXi and Jiang Chen was a joy. A throbbing sensation in your hands and arms and a smile on your face were the norms. Nothing was overpowering, even though it was marketed as a romantic drama. In terms of balance and focus, it was brilliant.

Cast Chemistry:

Given that the supporting roles may not have had much to do, they significantly impacted the drama and increased its impact a hundredfold. Outstanding actors and actresses in the lead roles, with remarkable chemistry.

Addiction Level:

We were sucked in by the captivating dialogue between the main characters and the unique soundtrack. I finished the entire show in less than two days because of its charming and enthralling content with gorgeous lead couples. I think this is one of those shows that should be rewatched.


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Amid adolescence, a young student’s feelings for a handsome but indifferent classmate and neighbor are put to the test. “A Love So Beautiful” revolves around a girl named Xiao Xi, who’s been great buddies with a boy named Jiang Chen, whom she admired since childhood. It emphasizes the naivete of a teenager coping with the pressures of schoolwork and first love.
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Women should pursue the guys they admire, but there’s a delicate balance between being desperate and trying to win them over.



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Exam Results:


The song that plays at the show’s start is a beautiful match for the content. Before I read the lyrics, I was already in love with the song’s music, perfectly matching the drama’s premise. “A Love So Beautiful” features a simple but strong plot that conveys a wide range of feelings. In this drama, the typical style of an unintelligent female swooning over a flawless guy took a more positive turn than usual.

Side Effects:

Because it accurately depicted the changes and growth that occur when people reach maturity, this is the best young-adult drama ever made. From the emotional graduation to the raucous high school reunion, this drama demonstrates that although distance separates friends, affection and destiny would never fully separate them.

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