Another Miss Oh! (2016)

The SHORT Pill:

Tired of losing to, and always living in the shadows of someone with the same exact name, this Oh Hae Young, is ready to set herself apart and live on the winning end for once.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Mid day works for this drama. If you start it when you’re tired, it may be harder to get past the beginning of episode one.

Prescribed For:

Newbies. It takes patience to get through some of the scene choices and writing decisions that new K-drama watchers wouldn’t mind. But more advanced watchers might be easily frustrated with some of the character turns.

Love And Romance:

Their version of love can easily border the lines of emotional abuse and manipulation (i.e. “Cheese in the Trap”), it doesn’t prevent you from watching, or rooting for things to get better but it makes you question if the choices made in the name of love are forgivable.

Cast Chemistry:

To call what they have in this series “chemistry” is a bit tricky. They have great actors, great moments, and great crying scenes but I’m not sure if the characters gelled the way I would have loved.

Addiction Level:

3 Pills: As annoyed as it may make you, curiosity can lead you to watch another episode, just to see if the seemingly bad fortune will turn around.


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Hard Pill to Swallow
It can become draining when seeing Hae Young take loss after loss, repeatedly. The whining and crying can take some getting used to as well. Sometimes the level of misunderstanding towards the female lead can cause sadness as you wait for people to learn the truth and feel her pain.



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Exam Results:


Although this drama has scenes that you definitely do not want to miss, it can be a bit frustrating getting to some of those scenes. For many, this is a MUST WATCH, and I can agree that it has some real tear-jerking moments that very well may go on best K-drama crying lists, but had some scenes been written differently, this drama could have easily made for one of the greatest storylines of K-drama history.

Side Effects:

Can leave you with a bit of frustration and a slight angst in the end. The emotional rollercoaster may have you in your feelings when the ride is over.

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