Crash Landing on You (2019-20) A+

The SHORT Pill:

A cute, colorful, and surprisingly funny, “rom-com” about a love that blossoms when a bossy South Korean business woman meets a disciplined North Korean soldier when she gets stranded across the demilitarized zone during a freak accident.

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Best Time To Watch:

RIGHT NOW! That’s how good it is. Seriously, no time like the present. The episodes are an easy watch that seamlessly flows through without unnecessary dry spots of information crammed into scenes to over inform you.

Prescribed For:

All Audiences. Newbies will find this series super addictive, while veterans will get a much needed quench during a Kdrama thirst!

Love And Romance:

Plenty to go around, and then some. This is the stuff that CLASSIC KDrama Romances are made of. How can you not fall in love with love after witnessing chemistry like this?

Cast Chemistry:

Addiction Level:

4 Pills: Just go ahead and get your coffee… there’s no sleeping on this one!


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LOVED IT FROM THE OPENING SCENE! (Not kidding). Casting was nothing short of brilliant. From rich, entitled, family villains- to nosy, old-fashioned town folk who suddenly appear. Everyone committed to their roles and drew you in to their world. A world that you had no desire to leave. *If I listed each and every brilliant actor, this post would be too long. Within the first 5 minutes of watching, I knew that Son Ye-Jin’s portrayal of YOON SERI, would make her an instant classic, and that we were in for a ride. Within the first 5 minutes, I knew that I liked her, I knew what type of character she would be, and loved that Seo Ye-Jin made such smart acting choices with line delivery, attitude, and those oh so famous “K-Drama Sarcastic Facial Expressions”. Plus, her surprising comedic timing was flawless. And then something magical happened to her and the storyline when she “crashed” into Captain Ri Jung-Hyuk’s world, brought to life by the incomparable Hyun Bin. They have that special something-something that Kdrama magic is made of.
Hard Pill to Swallow
In the words of Missy Elliott: “She’s a B%tch! But a darn good one. It’s not easier being self-absorbed and still liked and adored. She’s got that in the bag. Okay, I have to be honest, I was a little apprehensive about starting this drama and even dragged my feet on it for weeks. When I saw the cover and read the series description, I was less than enthusiastic to bite in to it. And I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but… I sometimes do, and especially when it’s regarding K-dramas, I do it waaaaaay more than I should. Rule of Drama: You’ll find your prince faster by kissing frogs (boring covers), I guess.



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Exam Results:


This is the best Drama of 2020 so far. The writer/director made great choices with moving this train ahead. It came out of the gate swinging and helped to usher in a whole new wave of Kdrama Addicts. #GatewayDrug!

Side Effects:

You may develop Seo Ye Jin and Hyun Bin fever and join the. long list of hopefuls hoping that their chemistry translates to real life! (like me) This show became a classic because their love and on-screen chemistry is undeniable.

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