Full House (2004) Classic A

The SHORT Pill:

What happens when you put an aspiring and somewhat desperate scriptwriter and a stubborn Korean superstar in one house? Riot, of course! Two different personalities collide and are forced to live together and act like they are the sweetest couple in the country. Can they stand each other once they get away from the public’s eyes?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Anytime! This light and funny drama can be the first show that you will want to see in the morning to make you feel good all day. It may also be the last show that you watch at night to destress after a long day at work.

Prescribed For:

Perfect for newbies who want to begin their Kdrama journey with a cute and witty theme. It is also the best drama to watch for Veterans to watch or rewatch after spending time watching a heavier show.

Love And Romance:

Love is definitely in the air despite the constant bickering and misunderstanding that happens every day when the two leads are alone with each other.

Cast Chemistry:

ML and FL look so great together. It would be hard not to ship them because of their oozing onscreen chemistry.

Addiction Level:

3 Pills! The love-hate relationship between the leads would want you to look forward to how they will end up in the future.


Original Network:


Places To Watch:

KBS World, Netflix, Kocowa, WeTV

Episode Count:



One of the pioneers of Korean drama’s rom-com genre, this classic series can be considered as the firestarter of the Korean Wave. If you want something funny and sweet to help take away your worries even just for a while, then this drama is exactly what you need. Expect lots of funny exchanges between the leads as they try not to bite each other’s head off while living together inside the charming house.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The friends of the FL who caused the whole problem are definitely infuriating! Their selfishness is over the top. But then again, their foolishness gave us one of the best rom-com stories in the history of Korean drama.



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Exam Results:


This is exactly what the doctors order if you want to be engrossed in one of the funniest and most romantic dramas of all time.

Side Effects:

You may find yourself singing the “Three Bears” song after watching the drama. Just remember to avoid dancing if you are out in public.

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