Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016)

The SHORT Pill:

What can be better than a bunch of futuristic, historical flowers, with looks, smarts, and superstar smiles? Who, with their collective strength, have pledged their allegiance to take on conflicts of the social and political ruling class of the Silla kingdom? Well… their dance moves, of course! Duh!

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Are you looking for a good time before bedtime? Because the male leads in this series will keep you up all night, with their handsome looks, and boy band flair. I recommend watching late for a good bedtime giggle!

Prescribed For:

The perfect drug for newly addicted teens, or Pros just looking for something light. Rip-roaring conflicts, bloodshed, filial discord, and a member of super group BTS? Who wouldn’t want to watch this?

Love And Romance:

The slow budding romance between the competitive and ambitious characters aren’t the only focal point of the storyline. Though there are sprinkles of romance, there are so many other elements that dominate this story.

Cast Chemistry:

Having a perfect cast of young men, with a lot of energy, and dreamy GOOD LOOKS, usually makes for a great watch! (May need a bit more convincing with the female leads -shhh.)

Addiction Level:

3 Pills: Addictive enough to binge all day, but not keep you up all night.


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Hwarang is perfect in every way. For sure, KDrama lovers cannot help but be enthralled by this all-star lineup! The story is filled with special moments that move along the lavish setting, at a fast pace, with dramatic costumes, and an elegant backdrop. It has all of the key characteristics of a colorful, and memorable, historical sageuk. This drama highlights the association of Silla’s most impressive young men, the Hwarangs (or Flowering Knights). A group of “flower boys” who swear loyalty to Silla, and its royal family, as a pledge of their eternal support. Trained to be morally upright and spiritually astute, with an enhanced physical prowess, these Hwarangs have all of the tools needed to accomplish the mission at hand.
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Exam Results:


Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth has a surprising storyline, although at times, the plot development may be a little confusing.

Side Effects:

I liked it so much that I watched it two or three times. Unquestionably, its star-studded cast will make you swoon. Just as the title of the series suggests, the Hwarangs are indeed “Beautiful”.

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