Jirisan (2021) B+

The SHORT Pill:

When disturbing speculations about Jirisan National Park’s unexplored locations begin to circulate, the resolve of rangers and other park employees, desperately looking for surviving victims and missing climbers in the mountain, pushes it to the limits.

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Best Time To Watch:

Day time! There’s so much to take in that you don’t want to start late. You can really enjoy the stunning mountain views while you’re fully awake, which were a visual feast.

Prescribed For:

KDrama Vets will appreciate the beauty of this landscape and nature filled drama. In addition, if you’re a fan of thrillers and mysteries, you’ll enjoy this.

Love And Romance:

This story isn’t about romance at all. The portrayal of characters, the hardships faced by rangers, and those who live in and around the mountains, is a joy to watch.

Cast Chemistry:

The experienced actors did not disappoint. Nothing more needs to be said, as no one stood out from the crowd. There were no stereotypes, exaggerations, an overly dramatic female lead, or an unbearably badass male lead, just well-written characters mirroring real people.

Addiction Level:

It has certainly lived up to the mystery genre’s expectations, and the way it was kept a secret until the very end will astound you. My favorite aspect of “Jirisan” was how each episode was like a chapter in an encyclopedia dedicated to the park’s history and geography. It was difficult to hold back your tears during a few particularly striking action scenes.


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There are so many oceans and landmasses on the planet that it is critical to observe and record history and get inside the world itself and take a closer look inside to better understand what is going on inside. Jirisan National Park, the oldest and largest national park in South Korea, serves as the “Jirisan” series settings with the same title. It has been in existence for more than 50 years and is a protected area. Although there is a great deal of mystery in this series, there are also many moments filled with truth and beauty in the middle of the story. This series tells about killers and suicide victims who come to Jirisan and the search for survivors and missing hikers.
Hard Pill to Swallow
As it stands, the series’s music is not terrible. They’re just not in keeping with the show’s mood and ambiance. Jirisan also employs a significant amount of time shuffling. Even if they don’t occur on their own, there’s a possibility they’ll frustrate you.



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Exam Results:


The cinematography in the series was done very well. Jirisan National Park is a beautiful place for the production team to try new things and be creative. Its waterfalls, cliffs, and hiking trails, as well as dense forests and meadows, make it one of the most beautiful places in the world to go.

Side Effects:

As you watch this series, you should be curious about how rangers are shown in it. These people care about the health of the mountain and their efforts to support visitors and protect the mountain’s natural resources. They are essential parts of the mountain’s community.

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