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A young female disguises herself as a man to protect her family. She she finds more than she bargained for when she’s elevated from the pits of the street to the palace! How long can she survive before her secret is revealed? Can love bloom despite these strange circumstances?

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Best Time To Watch:

Although historicals and sageuks are definitely mood based watches, It is fun to watch this historical rom-com drama any time of the day. The humor and heart-fluttering scenes made the serious political theme less boring.

Prescribed For:

Anyone who loves fluffy, gender-bender stories. Newbies will enjoy the colorful visuals and swoon-worthy cinematography, while veteran watchers would love the actors’ playful portrayal of their roles.

Love And Romance:

The pairing between the lead actors looks lovely to the eyes. The ML and FL look cute together, and you would root for them to end up with each other even if the FL was dressed as a man.

Cast Chemistry:

The cast did an above-average performance throughout the series. Even the secondary and supporting characters shone brightly in their roles.

Addiction Level:

3 pills! If you want something light and relaxing with a touch of history, then you would want to finish this drama in one day.


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While gender-bender sageuk dramas have been explored in the past, this series offered a fresh take on the plot since the FL has to survive and succeed in disguising herself while training to become a eunuch. In a segment of the society full of men during the Joseon era, she must exert her best efforts to avoid being caught. It also skilfully incorporated serious political discussions by giving it a light twist, since the ML concealed his plans and capabilities by doing various mischief.
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There are other pairings that deserve more airtime in this drama, especially the bromance between the ML and the secondary leads.



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Aside from the cute love story, you will appreciate the clever political issues discussed in the plot. It also has colorful cinematography and engaging OST.

Side Effects:

You would wish to meet a handsome, funny, and smart crown prince like Park Bo Gum.

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