The highly anticipated KDrama Jirisan did not disappoint, and it exceeded expectations, with reports that it made history as the Highest Premiere Rating Weekend Drama in TvN history. The iQiyi original series’ first episode scored a 9.1 average nationwide rating, placing first in weekend dramas in all channels, including public broadcast networks. 

To top it off, it broke previous records, such as Mr. Sunshine’s 8.9 premiere rating. The survey was based on a key demographic of audiences ages 20 to 49. 

Yahoo News!  made an article on how several disaster-themed series are making success. The story takes place on Mt. Jirisan, wherein two park rangers make a search and rescue operation, the highlight of the first episode. This is termed the life-saving golden period of thirty hours and explains why it is action-packed. The succeeding episodes will highlight the uncovering of the mystery behind the accident, which involves revealing the mystery behind the new park ranger. 

Investors can finally put behind their worries as the 32 billion won drama succeeded in its first episode and is forecasted to break more records during its run. Jirisan is available on the iQiyi International app, iQ.com, and each episode is released every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm (SGT.) It is also available on TvN, from October 24. Episodes will be released every Sunday and Monday at 9:15 pm (SGT.)