The trailer to the live adaptation of the webtoon of its original name, “Shadow Beauty,” is here. KakaoTV’s upcoming drama released the teaser trailer on Twitter and set a daunting scene that will surely make anyone curious about the story. 

The popular webtoon focuses on high school student Goo Ae Jin. She lives a double life, one as a loner bullied at school and a famous social media star and influencer under the guise of “Genie.” 

The teaser shows Goo Ae Jin sitting in bed, scrolling through her comment section with people awed by her online persona. However, one comment stood out and brought out fears of being found out. 

Shim Dal Gi plays goo Ae Jin, the bullied girl living a double life. Golden Child’s Bomin stars as the class president Kim Ho In. PENTAGON’s Hongseok takes the role of Goo Ae Jin’s only friend Lee Jin Sung, who is also an idol trainee. 

The KAKAO TV original will premiere on November 20, 2021, at 8 pm, KST.