Blackpink’s lead vocalist Kim Jisoo trends on social media after her 55-second interview with Disney+Korea. 

The video started with the interviewer telling the Snowdrop actress that her favorite Disney characters were in the studio. To that, Jisoo’s adorable response made viewers go uwu as she said her favorite ones like Toy Story, Moana, Coco, and humored the staff. Then, she introduced herself.

Jisoo stated that Disney is an old friend. She reminisced on the channel’s role as she grew up watching Disney movies, traveling to Disney World, and visiting the Disney store. She was fond of the movies and even said she watched the classic movie Rapunzel more than fifty times. 

Jisoo also revealed that her bandmates also like Disney, and they bond together by singing the songs and braiding each other’s hair. 

As of this moment, the video garnered over 300,000 views on Instagram and 400,000 on YouTube. The hashtag #actressjisoo is still trending, with people anticipating Snowdrop and fans admiring the Blackpink member for the amazing feat.

Snowdrop is about to arrive, and Blinks are ready to support the lead vocalist and make it the #SnowdropEra.

Her co-star Jung Jaein also had a similar interview. 

You can watch the full video below and feel the uwu. 

JTBC will premiere Snowdrop in December.