KDrama is spreading far and wide, and this time, it is dominating Apple TV. Deadline released the article on Apple TV’s set premiere date for the upcoming thriller Dr. Brain. The six-episode series is based on the popular Korean webtoon series of the same name by creator Hongjacga

When the original series was still in production, reports revealed that the series director and screenwriter was Kim Jee Woon. For those unfamiliar with the name, he is famous his works under the ultraviolent genre. To add power to this masterpiece,multi-awarded movie Parasite superstar Lee Sun Kyun stars as Dr. Brain. 

The story’s premise lies in a tragedy when the accomplished brain scientist Sewon, played by Lee Sun Kyun, loses his family in a mysterious accident. He goes through extreme lengths in manipulating new technology to access his deceased wife’s memories to uncover the truth from hidden clues and the reason behind the incident.

Kim Jee Won is also the executive producer of Dr. Brain along with Samuel Yeunju Ha, Daniel Han, Ham Jung Yeub, Joy Jinsoo Lee, and Min Young Hong. Dr. Brain is Apple’s latest international language after Pachinko and Acapulco. Dr. Brain will premiere on Apple TV+ on November 4, and succeeding episodes will be released weekly through December 10.