Thai KPop sensation Sorn leaves CUBE Entertainment. She is the second member of the band CLC to leave after Elkie. In MyDaily’s report, CUBE stated that the idol’s exclusive contract ended. It’s also been confirmed that CUBE removed all of Sorn’s content on their website. 

After CUBE’s announcement, Sorn confirmed the news through her social media. She stated that this decision was mutually agreed upon and thanked everyone for supporting her. 

Meanwhile, Sorn’s departure earned CUBE more criticism. Former CLC member Elkie stated that she left the group due to the agency’s lack of support. KPop fans are still angry over the removal of (G)IDLE’s Soojin after the controversy that proved she was innocent. 

Nevertheless, CUBE did state in their announcement that they wishSorn the best in her future endeavors. Sorn’s fans are excited as they feel that the entertainment agency is too strict and suffocating and congratulate the idol for being free. 

Sorn is still active as she recently worked with Amber Liu and Emily Lei for the single My Domain. She also posts amazing TikToks that garner millions of views.