Netflix’s My Name is making rounds after its debut, landing on US Netflix’s top ten. The story of a woman, played by actress Han So Hee, joins a gang and later goes undercover as a police officer to avenge her father’s wrongful death. 

My Name’s rating follows Squid Game, with an average user score of 8.1 on IMDB, with Squid Game’s 8.2. If that’s not enough to prove its success, it scored 92% on AsianWiki and 8.7% on MyDramaList. Director Kim Jin-Min and Writer Kim Ba Da are receiving queries on whether or not there’s a season two. However, it should be noted that 5 out of 7 main characters are gone. Episode 8 is also not an open ending, making the idea of a second season a welcomed surprise but with no guarantee. 

As several forecasts concluded that while it is highly unlikely that My Name will emanate the same success as that of Squid Game, there’s no doubt that it is still an amazing series to binge-watch. There’s a reason fans demand a second season. But for another Kdrama that followed the megahit series, My Name did not disappoint at all.