ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION by Jungkook Screams “Boyfriend Material”

The Tea is Hot! The News is Cool. And the DRAMA is Oh So Juicy!!!

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As if we needed more reasons to fall in love with BTS’ Jeon Jungkook, they released ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION ‘SHOW’ BY BTS – Jung Kook on VLive. 

ARMYs tweets almost caused Twitter to crash the second time around due to the rapid tweets taking place in real-time. And there’s a great explanation for that. The puppy prince decided to sweep all of his fans off of their feet with his artist-made merchandise with his thoughtfulness and, well, simply golden genius standards that will make anyone doubt why they’re settling for less. 

Jungkook’s ARMYST Hoody

This one will scream “Boyfriend” in many ways. Why? Because the Jungkook-designed hoodie is the type of clothing that you’d definitely steal from your lover and bask in their scent. I recommend L’ Atelier des Subtils Eau de Ocean, his perfume with VT Cosmetics. 

In designing this hoodie, he thought of, well, you, as he incorporated his likes. Is that possible? The VLive demo showed just how much thought was put into this hoodie alone. 

The asymmetrical hoodie is rough-looking, giving off edgy vibes. However, the cloth is extremely soft, and the details made #BY_Jungkook, #BTSJUNGKOOK, and other related tweets trend, with a lot of them summarizing their complicated feelings with one word; BOYFRIEND.

Jungkook said that he wanted the hoodie to fit people of all shapes and sizes. To do these, he designed the clothing this way:

  • Loose-fitting
  • Batwing sleeves that are slightly tapered on the waist
  • Loose hood that can cover the head and even the wearer’s eyes

The ARMYST is designed artistically, with graffiti letterings and different colors. It can be used by non-fans as well because it looked like a street fashion brand. It looks like competition for the merch will become like hunger games. 


In the VLive video, Jungkook said that he aimed that his merch would chase the loneliness away. Another statement he made was that he wanted a romantic mood lamp to set the ambiance. 

The BTS member specifically chose the lamp to be space gray due to its trendiness, and of course, adorned by the BTS logo. What makes it more special is that the Mikrokosmos mood lamp has three different lights that give you the majestic Aurora right in your bedroom! The lamp is also adjustable with its angle. If that’s not enough, the stars move.


Why He’s the Best, and so is BTS

Jungkook claimed that he’s not eloquent. Considering how efficient, fashionable, romantic, and overall warming his artist-made collections are, that is not true. In the VLive, member V said that he would purchase Jungkook’s merch himself. 

Comically, the rap line, consisting of RM, J-Hope, and Suga, all modeled Jungkook’s ARMYST hoodie, vibing to their track ‘UGH.’

The VLive surely shows just how lucky ARMYs are with Jungkook’s indulgent collection and all BTS members’ collections overall. 

#taekook has over 91k tweets, #BY_Jungkook with over 112K tweets, #ARMYST with 60K tweets, and #Jungkook with 592K tweets. Many of these tweets have the terms “boyfriend material” to describe the BTS member, making him Twitter’s boyfriend of the day.

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