Playful Kiss (2010) Classic B+

The SHORT Pill:

When a scholastically challenged student, falls for the brightest scholar in the school, could this love be one for the books, or just a passing grade that is doomed to fail?

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Best Time To Watch:

While in Recovery! Great after a heartbreaking drama! Tears? Where? This will more than make up for your tears. You may forget you were ever crying before.

Prescribed For:

This rom-com was marketed toward young adults in their teens and early twenties, but it’s so endearing, sweet, and innocent that anyone with a youthful spirit would enjoy it. If you’re new to Korean drama, this is an excellent rom-com to get you started. But Warning: After watching this, the Korean Drama addiction may kick in!

Love And Romance:

This drama is sweet and funny at times. And although it’s light and shallow, the depth of romance is more filling than you’d expect. It captures your heart with its understated charm and endearing cast of characters.

Cast Chemistry:

This drama has great on-screen chemistry between its two main leads and had me hoping to see them fall in love go the distance! What the heck, I don’t know! The supporting characters in this drama were likable and each had an interesting story. Seung Jo’s mother was wonderful. Despite being extremely entertaining, she also managed to be endearing at the same time. Only my future mother-in-law will be better than her. In many ways, this drama’s matriarch defies expectations.

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills: Such a fun and harmless drug for K-Addicts. If you’ve never watched a Korean drama before, you’ll enjoy this one. I’ve seen it at least five times. A sweet intoxication, indeed!


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Kim Hyun-joong, one of the infamous “F4 Boys” of the viewer acclaimed, cult-classic, “Boys Over Flowers”, returns in this whimsical and light hearted series, based on the popular Japanese Manga “Itazura Na Kiss” (“Mischievous Kiss”) A young woman with academic problems, develops feelings for the school’s top student, despite his cold and distant demeanor. Despite his tough exterior, the sacrifices and sincerity of Jung So Min’s character, Oh Ha Ni, breaks right through.
Hard Pill to Swallow
Although Playful Kiss received poor reviews in South Korea, it went on to be sold in 12 other Asian nations. It accrued a loyal following and became an internet sensation after being viewed 70 million times on Viki. I’d say that if you’re willing to look past the sexist message and slow, almost non-existent, character development, you can sit back and enjoy, worry-free!



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Exam Results:

Classic B+

This drama doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you don’t have to either. Although the plot is slow to develop, there are so many other things to focus on. You can just sit back and enjoy without caring to think too far ahead.

Side Effects:

This show is so playful that it leaves you with an upbeat energy. Mainly because negativity, miscommunication, and unnecessary prolonged anxiety are all excluded, it’s easier to remember the warmth of this drama!

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