Sisyphus: The Myth (2021) B-

The SHORT Pill:

When a bizarre occurrence exposes an engineer to disturbing revelations and influences him to investigate the deaths of his brother and a woman who is a warrior from the future, tasked with saving lives from the massive damage, will they be able to overcome the difficulties and succeed in spite of all odds?

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Best Time To Watch:

It’s best to watch this when you have nothing else on your plate because it requires your full attention to fully comprehend the story.

Prescribed For:

It’s not for everyone who enjoys cheesy romantic comedies. However, if you’re looking for a story filled with mystery, parallel universes, and action, this is the show for you! It’s a must-see for fans of Park Shin Hye’s comeback, as well as fantasy and action fans of female characters.

Love And Romance:

In most cases, when romance is thrown into science fiction, fantasy, or thriller drama, the results are less than stellar. However, the romance between the main lead couple has been told in a way that is at once gentle, incredibly cute, dramatic, and delightful, making it seem as if it has every flavor under the sun. The romance that blossomed between them was a delight to witness both endearing and intense.

Cast Chemistry:

The show’s ensemble cast is outstanding in every way. Park Shin Hye and Choi Seung Woo delivered exceptional performances that were true to their characters as a skilled shooter and tough fighter who had to adapt to their circumstances.

Addiction Level:

Every episode of this show will have you glued to the screen, and you will never look back and regret having seen it. Watching Park Shin Hye’s fight scenes and how fluid they appear to be is highly addicting.


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“Sisyphus: The Myth” is a time-travel drama that tells the story of a genius engineer named Han Tae Seul and a woman soldier named Kang Seo Hae as they fight against the evil Sigma. The story’s central theme is love: between parents and their children, between family members, between husband and wife, and between friends. Due to self-centeredness, a person can become resentful of other people, jealous, and even violent to the extent of causing injury to others.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The plot requires far too much ability to focus and thought to comprehend.



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Exam Results:


A strong cast, artful storytelling, satisfactory effects, and superb location filming all contributed to a captivating time-travel story that was less straightforward than one might expect from a time-travel story, which is inherent in this genre.

Side Effects:

When the scene involving Stephen Hawking takes place in the school library, you can expect to be mystified.

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