The Devil Judge (2021) 악마판사

The SHORT Pill:

In a dystopian world where chaos and injustices reign, some things need to change in order for the country to regain its footing. When the government passes a bill for a powerful judicial reform, where the whole nation can participate as jurors, doors open where only a ruthless and powerful devil judge can lead!

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Best Time To Watch:

To match its heavy mood and dark theme, it would be best to watch at night time. But if it’s too intense, watching it during daylight doesn’t spoil the experience away since this mystery-suspicious drama can blow your mind any time of the day.

Prescribed For:

KDrama Pros Preferred, but also those who are fans of dystopian themes, heavily infused with mystery, suspicion, and logical narratives that will make you think deeply while watching. People who love action scenes will also like this drama. It might be hard to digest for those who aren’t comfortable with a too dark and heavy feel.

Love And Romance:

There are fewer romantic angles in this drama, but as we all say, love will find its way through even when you least expected it.

Cast Chemistry:

The entire cast fit well for their assigned roles. From the main lead to the supporting actors, you can see how dedicated and passionate the cast is. The dynamics between Yohan and Gaon are also remarkable. The way they act with their characters that has different principles and ideologies makes you want to watch more of them.

Addiction Level:

3.5 pills! It’ll make you think critically, only to find out that all your guesses are wrong. It’s so unpredictable that you can’t help but have the urge to know what happened next.


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The government ought to bring Korea back to its original shape. Thus, the devil judge is back with more power, authority, and knowledge as he faces different kinds of defendants while being watched by the whole nation. This drama showed how people react according to their perspectives that live up to society and government. It discusses relevant political issues that emphasize the people’s power to vote and its responsibility to choose wisely. Surprisingly, the legal proceedings in the show are all realistic and easier to understand, which makes it easy to appreciate by the viewers.
Hard Pill to Swallow
Plot twists were strongly infused into the narrative that it felt somehow forced. The shock value is what they prioritize, which I think is a bit unnecessary if you have a terrific premise to keep the audience interested. It just makes the main story feel all over the place and heading in no direction.



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Kang Yo-Han


Exam Results:


A good characterization that blends well with a well-constructed plot makes it a one-of-a-kind drama. It contains relevant themes about politics and the justice system that I think are necessary for today’s society. Despite its plot holes, it still gives the viewers a rollercoaster of emotions.

Side Effects:

You might develop trust issues with the characters as the story turns into different angles. You know they did an excellent job with their roles when you find yourself checking out their other dramas.

Recommended Follow-up:

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