What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018)

The SHORT Pill:

Despite doing a perfect job of being an outstanding secretary, working for a bright, handsome, rich but full-of-himself boss, what could be the reason why she wants to quit after 9 years?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

After work or when you want something to watch while resting, it’s not tiring to watch as you don’t have to invest too much emotion in this one. Instead, this drama will fill the air with love and romance. It won’t disappoint in making you feel the thrill of being loved.

Prescribed For:

I highly recommend this for people who like light dramas that don’t require them to think much about the plot. Just watching the two main leads be cute for the whole series can literally lift up your mood in an instant. It’s all fluff most of the time!

Love And Romance:

The love and romance in this drama are just so pure and sweet. Thanks to romantic comedy-type scenes, watching it was so fun that it will surely make you smile without noticing. Sure, office romance is cliche, but it still scores high points to us no matter how many times we have encountered similar tropes.

Cast Chemistry:

This may not be their best performance on their entire acting career but the main leads’ on-screen chemistry is no joke! It was very captivating to the point that you will suddenly feel this sense of love tingling in your body. You will want to scream your heart out or playfully slap the person beside you, just to release all the romantic excitement that you’re feeling.

Addiction Level:

2 Pills – Not as addicting, but you’ll never regret clicking the next episode. It isn’t the type of drama that you can’t wait to know what happened next, but you’ll enjoy every episode once you’ve started it.


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This romantic comedy follows the story of Lee Young-Joon (Park Seo-Joon), who is the Vice-President of their family’s company, and Kim Mi-So (Park Min-Young), who is Lee Young-Joon’s secretary. Working as a perfect boss with an ideal secretary, Lee Young-Joon did not expect Secretary Kim to leave him one day. As he convinces her to go, an unexpected revelation about their childhood is slowly revealed as the story progresses. This office romance will surely make you laugh out of love. The way Park Seo-Joon acts like a self-absorbed rich man makes his scenes really funny. It complements well with Park Min-Young’s character, making their banters really, really cute!
Hard Pill to Swallow
Aside from the not so compelling dramatic hype on their childhood stories, there’s no other eyebrow-raising aspect in the drama. I love how the plot progresses with a consistently cute and not-heavy atmosphere. Wanna know what’s THE hardest pill to swallow? A so-called “perfect boss” who is intelligent, handsome, and extremely rich can only be seen in dramas and never in the actual world. Sorry to burst your bubble, ladies.



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Exam Results:

A super sweet and exciting premise. It’s not a rom-com without the cliche scenes! In fact, those scenes were the ones giving spotlights to the main characters and giving a taste of sweetness to their viewers. Superb acting and excellent chemistry between the casts are what makes this show stand out.

Side Effects:

You will be shocked to see yourself in the mirror smiling without even noticing it. Not gonna lie, it makes you feel like you’re in love as well.

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